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Plan for Tomorrow. Action from Today

Sun Financial Advisory

Help Busy Professionals with More Control & Less Stress

About Us

What We Advise

We understand that you are a hard-working professional with a serious career

& financial goals, running your own business or working in an organization, 

but have limited time to be a financial expert!


We are here to listen and support you in planning for a better future

by helping make the best financial decisions from today! 

    Compare & Apply Life insurance to protect your Family, Income & Wealth
  Select & Build Investment portfolios to Grow Wealth or Reduce Tax
            Research & Implement Super Fund strategies for Investments & contributions
    Manage the Impacts of Inheritance, Divorce, or Redundancy

   Set-up & Manage Self-Managed Super Fund

Financial Planning to Achieve goals & Improve financial position

Retirement Planning for Right Assets & Incomes



“Yun has been invaluable as part of our “team” in planning our financial future. He has been very forthcoming with queries we have and individualises his planning to suit our requirements. He has been actively involved in our progress and takes the time to get to know his clients to see what they require from him to best plan for their goals. We are happy we have had the opportunity to involve Yun in our journey. ”

Dr. Darshini & Dr. Buddhi Wickramasinghe

Contact Us

How We Connect


STEP 1: Book A 15-Minute Call

  • No cost or obligation

  • Introduce our service

  • Answer your questions

  • Ensure our expertise matches your situation


STEP 3: Take Time To Think

​• Do you feel you are understood?
• Do the benefits outweigh the cost?
• Do strategies make sense?
• Are you comfortable with the advisor?


STEP 2: Arrange A Meeting

​• Listen to your stories
• Understand your concerns & expectations
• Discuss how we can improve
• Face-to-face or ZOOM meeting


STEP 4: Work Together Closely

​• Have the guidance from the professionals
• Have a clear action plan
• Have more control & less stress
• Have the ongoing support

Yun Sun & Sun Financial Group Pty Ltd, ABN 14 618 250 543, trading as Sun Financial Advisory are
Authorized Representatives of Australian Mortgage & Financial Advisers Pty Ltd (AMAFA) | ABN 26 088 464 939 | AFSL 389206.
ASIC Registration Number 1002652

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Sun Financial Advisory Financial Service Guide

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